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Information about decals:
All the decals that are available are currently listed on our web site. If your bike is not listed, it is not available. We do not make decals. Some decals are not sold separately. All information on our site about each decal is all we have available. See this link for ETA's on decals, decals.html. Other small Honda decals. Also see the link for smaller decals located in the top right column. This link is only available under Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha decal web pages. Click on the price link to add parts to your shopping cart then click checkout to find the shipping cost. There is no tracking numbers available for decals mailed unless you chose expedited mail which is only available in the USA.

I purchased some items on your web site but have not received any emails. What's going on?
You may not be receiving emails from us. Check your email program preferences so it allows email from our domain at or our email address, We will post customer messages here under Customer Messages.

What is the cubic inch of my 903cc Kaw 900?
See our Conversion Calculator (pdf).

Do the Vetter windshields come with the mounting screw kits?
Normally they do but sometimes they are not included in the box.

Do you have any motorcycle paint codes?
Contact Dana at in the US, has a website showing the Kawasaki Diamond dark green paint and will send a pint within the US. Click here for more information.

How do I find out what model letter my bike is?
See our free manuals link in the Books section. The manual is free and can also tell you if you have an original engine installed in your frame.

What are my carburetor settings for a '74 Kawasaki Z1?
See Carburetor Settings for the Z1, KZ900 & KZ1000 models.

How much is shipping to Key West, FL or another country?
Click on the price to add to your shopping cart. Your shipping price will be calculated by entering your zip code at Checkout.

Do you accept credit cards or just PayPal?
Yes, go here (opens in a new window) or you may call us to order. You can add all your parts in your shopping cart by clicking view cart and purchase by credit card and drag & drop text. Or you can use your credit card using the PayPal checkout by clicking on don't have an account. If a part number is unknown please include your YR/Make/Model/Letter in the comments section.


What is the major differences between a KZ900 A4/A5 and a KZ900 B1 LTD?

KZ900 A4/A5 Sport Bike   KZ900 B1 LTD Touring Bike
spoke wheels and an 18" rear   mag wheels and a 16" rear
is a sport bike   is a tour bike
has a flat seat   has a tour seat
has a rear drum brake & single front disk   has a rear disc brake & dual front disk
was green or brown   is red
superbike handlebar   touring handlebar

Questions about the Regulator / Rectifier combination upgrade unit ... I purchased the rectifier/regulator combo from you, for my 900 LTD. I connected the green plug to the green plug that the old regulator was connected to. Sealed off the white plug the rectifier was hooked to. My old regulator had a black wire that was connected to a black/yellow wire in the bike harness. The instructions did not say what to do with the black/yellow wire in the harness, so I left it unhooked. I suspect that the black wire that is on the new combo, that was to be connected to the engine ground, bypasses the black/yellow wire and makes a new solid ground. The individual white wire on the new combo, was connected to the white wire that goes to the battery hot wire and splits off to the fuse block with a white/red wire. Please let me know if any of this is incorrect. My concern is that when I measure across the battery with bike idling, it shows 11 volts, when I rev it up, it never goes over 12 volts. Is this normal? I noticed that part of the description of the combo is that it solves the over charging of the battery. Does this mean that it will never read more than the 12 volts on the multi-meter? My reason for purchasing the combo was not overcharging, but because my battery would get weaker the longer I would ride it. I haven't had time to ride it since installing the combo unit, but feel like it should measure more than 12 volts. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you for the answers Thank you for all of your courteous help.  You were right on. Problem at first was that my battery did not have a full charge. I have since ridden it and am now getting good readings on the battery, plus battery is staying up. Headlight is much brighter also. Seems to even run better. Just wanted you to know that you have another happy customer.

It sounds like you have it connected properly, the black/yellow wire goes to ground. I would verify your test meter first. Use the battery in your car / truck to get a reading across the battery terminals. You should see around 12.5-12.8v DC with a good fully charged battery. That's the same reading you should see if your bike battery is fully charged. If the test meter is reading correctly, then it sounds like your charging system is still under the weather. With a fully charged battery, get the bike running and unplug the blue connector block. You need to check the voltage across the pairs of wires from the stator. There are three wires (either 3 yellow or yellow, ping and light blue). Check 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1. You should be getting around 50v AC - if this is under 45v AC (note: alternating current), but the readings are consistent across all three pairs, then the chances are your magnets in the rotor have lost some strength. If the readings vary significantly between the pairs, the stator is probably bad. I run the same reg/rec on my turbo Z1 - it's been on there three years now. I never seem to get very high readings (around 13v max), but my battery never runs down. I think the newer technology senses the charge needed and restricts the output to be just enough to keep the battery topped up.

  • Will a Vetter fairing fit my motorcycle? Yes, a Vetter fairing will fit any motorcycle. The trick is finding the Windjammer mounting bracket for your bike. If you need a mounting bracket, email us with your bikes YEAR/MAKE/MODEL & Model LETTER.

  • I am not sure if I have a Vetter fairing. Will your windshield fit my fairing? Check to see the mounting hole measurements here.

  • Are the Vetter fairings made out of fiberglass? All vetter fairings are made of ABS plastic and will not shatter, dent or rust but they can crack. Hotcha repair kits are used for this kind of repair.

  • Will the QuickSilver fairing fit my bike? Yes, a Vetter fairing will fit any motorcycle. The trick is finding the QuickSilver mounting bracket for your bike.