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QuickSilver Fairings & Parts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Vetter Fairings

  • Will a Vetter fairing fit my motorcycle? Yes, a Vetter fairing will fit any motorcycle. The trick is finding the Windjammer mounting bracket for your bike. If you need a mounting bracket, email us with your bikes YEAR/MAKE/MODEL & Model LETTER.

  • I am not sure if I have a Vetter fairing. Will your windshield fit my fairing? Check to see the mounting hole measurements here.

  • Are the Vetter fairings made out of fiberglass? All vetter fairings are made of ABS plastic and will not shatter, dent or rust but they can crack. Hotcha repair kits are used for this kind of repair.

  • Will the QuickSilver fairing fit my bike? Yes, a Vetter fairing will fit any motorcycle. The trick is finding the QuickSilver mounting bracket for your bike.

Vetter QuickSilver Replacement Windshield

Vetter QuickSilver Windshield
Vetter QuickSilver Replacement Windshield available, click here

Vetter QuickSilver Fairing

quicksilver fairing
NOS Vetter QuickSilver Fairing
is no longer available
Complete with windshield, blinkers, headlight, and pocket covers.

Vetter QuickSilver Mounting Bracket

NOS Vetter QuickSilver Mounting Bracket
is no longer available.










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