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New & Used Classic Parts & Accessories
for the
Vetter Windjammer II, III, IV, SS & V Fairing

12v | Decal | Foam | Harness | Lock | Lowers | Mount | Radio | Repair | Screw Kit | Trim | Trunk | Turn | Vent | Windshields

Vetter Help

Used Vetter fairings



More new fairing windshields


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All parts on this page are for the vintage Vetter Windjammer models:
Vetter Windjammer II
Vetter Windjammer III
Vetter Windjammer IV
Vetter Windjammer V
Vetter Windjammer SS
Some parts also fit the Vetter Vindicator & Kawasaki fairings

New & Used VETTER Windjammer Mounting Brackets

Go here for VETTER Windjammer mounting brackets

A Vetter fairing will fit any bike. The trick is finding the correct mounting bracket to fit your bike. See VETTER Help for installation instructions and wire color codes for Kawasaki. If your bike is newer than 1989, we are unable to find a mounting bracket for you. The fairing mounts to the frame so the fairing is stationary while the handlebars are free to turn the bike.


Vetter Windjammer Mounting Hardware Kit $19.99

Vetter Windjammer mounting hardware

Includes hardware to mount the bracket to the bike and fairing. Bolts, lock nuts, washers, hose clamps.

VETTER Windjammer Fairing Parts

Vetter Windjammer Lock with keys

Vetter Fairing LOCK with 2 Keys $19.99
Easy installation, assemble to fairing as shown in photo. Warning: Do not remove the key until lock has been installed (the pins and tumblers will fall apart). The lock fits fairing compartment, trunk and saddlebags. These locks can be keyed alike in case you want one key to fit your saddlebags, trunk and fairing cover. Just mention keyed alike in the comments section on checkout or send email.


Vetter fairing right side locking cover with radio slot

Used Vetter Locking Right Side Compartment Cover $39.99
Cover comes as shown. New lock installed with two keys (not shown). Has slot to install radio and antenna.

Click to zoom photos.

Vetter Windjammer Screw Kit

Vetter Windshield Screw Kit with Clips $15.99
This kit includes: All original screws, nuts, washers and two metal clips as used on all Vetter and Kawasaki fairings. Exact reproduction. Beginning in 1978, all Windjammers used replacement windshields utilizing (2) black metal clips at the top instead of two upper bolts. These clips prevented the windshield from cracking at this point from road vibrations. Note: using steel bolts, washers and nuts can damage the windshield. Can also be used on other fairing windshields like, Kawasaki and Vindicator. Some of the other earlier windshields do not utilize the metal clips.


Windjammer Decal Kit

Comes with both the "Windjammer" and "Vetter design" decals as shown.

Black Lettering $44.99

Gold Lettering $44.99

Silver Lettering $44.99

White Lettering $44.99

Windjammer Windshield Foam Tape (gasket) $59.99
Replace that rotted genuine foam gasket and prevent excessive vibrations. 2-piece foam gasket.

Hotcha ABS Repair Kit $109.99
Can be used to repair any product made of ABS. Hotcha Repair Kit is what you need if your fairing has developed a crack. Works on any ABS fairing, which is about all of them, these days. Kit comes with enough adhesive (4 ounces of glue & 2 ounces of catylist) and scraps of ABS plastic to pretty much repair any problem.

Vetter Windjammer Fairing Chrome EDGE TRIM Kit $89.99

Chrome EDGE molding kit for vetter windjammer fairings chrome vetter edge trim

Protects the outside of the fairing with the genuine edge molding kit. Replace that scuffed up chrome edging with a new replacement. Easy installation, no cutting necessary, comes with enough adhesive and trim to do both sides of the fairing. Adhesive is included. New Genuine exact pattern and texture chrome fairing edge strips, suitable to re edge any Windjammer from 1973 on. This edging is brand new, gleaming, soft and supple. Kit includes instructions and enough adhesive (3 oz. glue, 1.5 oz. catylist) to install edging on one fairing. Hotcha adhesive is formulated to bond the materials together that make up a Vetter fairing. It does not "dry". It "sets up" in about 15 minutes because it is "2-part" Hotcha Glue has never been available at stores and is available only here. Fits Vetter Windjammer II, III, IV, SS & V fairings only.


Vetter Windjammer Chrome EDGE TRIM Kit for Fairing and Lowers $119.99

Chrome EDGE molding kit for Vetter Windjammer fairings and Lowers

Protects the outside of the lowers. Same trim as above plus chrome trim for the Lowers. Replace that scuffed up chrome edging with a new replacement. Easy installation, no cutting necessary, comes with glue. See instructions above. Fits Vetter Windjammer II, III, IV, SS & V fairings only.

Read the instructions for installing the Vetter Edging Kit on either the fairing or Lowers.


Lowers Mounting Kit for Vetter Windjammer fairings $47.99

Genuine Vetter lowers mounting kit.


Chrome Windshield Trim $2.00/foot

Protects the outer edge of the windshield, plastic or metal. To install, just push-in and trim to fit. May fit other windshields, too. Also can be used to accent trunks, gas tanks, fenders, seats, saddlebags and automobiles. Grips to metal or plastic 1/8" to 3/8" thick, adhesive is not required. Just enter the quantity to get the number of feet you need. This is the same type of trim found on the classic automobiles from the 1960s-70s.


Vetter Windjammer Wiring Harness

Used Vetter Windjammer Electrical Harness
None available.

Fits Vetter Windjammer II, III, IV, V & SS fairings only from the 1970's - 80's. 9-pin wiring harness plugs into the left side connector in fairing then connects to wiring inside the headlight.
  Vetter Windjammer 9-pin wiring harness connector repair kit
Vetter Windjammer Electrical Harness Repair Kit $17.99

Replace that loose, rusted or broken wiring harness connector. Includes: male and female connector blocks and 9 male wire connector pins & 9 female wire connector pins as shown above. For a Vetter Windjammer wiring schematic and color codes, see Vetter Electrical. For vintage Vetter Windjammer fairing models:
Vetter Windjammer II
Vetter Windjammer III
Vetter Windjammer IV
Vetter Windjammer V
Vetter Windjammer SS
Vetter Vindicator
Kawasaki fairings


Vetter Windjammer Snap Vents $79.99 pair
These vents are made so they will not change to a yellowish color after 20 years of use, made of polycarbonite, won't break either. Also see installation (QuickTime video).

  Vetter Tail Trunk Bunkees set of 4 $47.99

To mount your Vetter trunk with rubber isolators with self-locking nuts. See tail trunk installation instructions.



Used Left Turn (LH) Signal Assembly out of stock
Used Right Turn (RH) Signal Assembly out of stock
Fits Windjammer IV, V & SS fairings. Please note when ordering: The right side is always the throttle side. New signal assemblies are no longer available. Please email us which side you need (very rare, hard to find part).

  Used Vetter Rubber Headlight Cover $39.99 None available.

Headlight container cover after a Vetter fairing installation

For covering your head lamp container after installing the Vetter fairing. Keeps your wires dry. Fits 7 inch diameter headlight shells.

12 volt Accessories

12 volt Handlebar Mounted Cigarette Lighter $24.99
handlebar mount 12 volt socket and cigarette lighter click to zoom
Great for charging or using your phone, GPS. Gives you a 12 volt accessory outlet or use it as a cigarette lighter. Water-resistant and includes everything you need. Mounts to 7/8 inch and 1" handlebars.

  Red LED Light Strip
coming soon
12v Power Accessory w/cap $11.99

12 volt cigarette lighter

Comes with chrome mounting bracket (as shown) and mounts almost anywhere for indoor/outdoor use. Many uses with this accessory like; charging your battery, cell phone, ipod, radar detector and more. To use the cigarette lighter (you'll need the element) which is not included.

  12v Cigarette Lighter $13.99

Comes with chrome mounting bracket (as shown) and mounts almost anywhere for indoor/outdoor use. Can also be used as a 12 volt power accessory or remove the mounting bracket and install it into your Vetter fairing, fits perfectly in all Windjammer fairings. Installation: Connect red wire directly to battery, for best protection use an in-line fuse. Connect spade connector to housing, black wire to any good ground (if needed). If the housing is connect/clamped to the handlebar a ground wire is not needed unless you have rubber mounted handlebars.


See Headlight, available in 7 inch or 5.75 inch diameter, H4 or H3 sealed-beam. 7" headlights are standard on the Kawasaki Z1, KZ900, KZ1000 motorcycles and Vetter fairings.


Radio Pod with Antenna and Speakers SOLD

Radio pod for Vetter fairing

for  fairing stereo installation. Fits: Vetter Windjammer 2/3/4/5/SS, Kawasaki and Vindicator fairings from the 1970-80s.










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